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The story of Renátka from Vranov nad Topľou        

       My name is Renáta and I live in Vranov nad Topľou. When I met people with   multiple sclerosis never  it never occurred to me that it could affect me as well. Still me  headache and  I was often tired. I thought the time was fast  and even who is without a headache today. I was taking painkillers like lentils. My colleague noticed this and told me to go somewhere with it that it was not normal. I overlooked it until half of my head swelled and swollen.

       My first symptoms were inconspicuous and I guess I didn't even think to associate it with  some disease. I still have  I had a headache, I was often tired. When I complained to the doctor he beat me  that it will be from the pressure. My pressure at home was good, but when I was at the doctor there it automatically lifted me. They call it white coat syndrome.
       On the day of the unreal headache  and numbness and swelling of the head  I literally left the job without anyone knowing. On call  they examined me, measured the pressure and automatically told me it was with pressure. I also counted on that. I had to wait a while and that they would measure my pressure again if it had improved. Well, it didn't work. They sent me to the hospital, they said they would give me  some   infusion and I'll go home. Well, it was completely different. CT, MR and lumbar examinations began and at 5  days, doctor Mudr.Lydiková informed me of the diagnosis. It was Multiple Sclerosis. Tears  they fell and I didn't know what to do next.

       Luckily, I met the right ones  People and the world who seemed black turned sunny. That's when I realized that how much my health had taken away from my health, she had given me even more friends who knew how to hold, seize, and even advise and support me.

       And that's why I now say that the sun will rise after every storm.

Naše príbehy


I am now 49 years old and for 11 years I have finally been treated for MS. In the 1920s, the first high-risk pregnancy came, followed by another. Sometimes 16 surgeries a week with children, 6 hours a day with Vojta's reflex method. For my medical or
family problems have not increased time. My husband  nothing helped, so came the 1st Collapse in 1996. I ended up in the hospital on infusions for 11 days, allegedly out of exhaustion. I already had a suspicion of SM at that time, because I had friends with
this diagnosis. Well, the doctors said that I was a hypochondriac, that my problems were mental. It was difficult for me, I was always worried about the problems of children. I was still sleepless, exhausted, had attention deficit, concentration,
headaches, motor disorders. When I was unemployed, I felt better. When I got busy, I felt much worse, although I enjoyed and enjoyed working with people. It was hard to combine work, childcare and housework, so I worked at home. I opened a tailoring service and visage. I knew something was wrong with me that it would be a risk to open a business in the city. The more I sewed worse, I cried in the morning that what was wrong with me was how crooked I had been in the evening. Or if I glued my nails, I was totally exhausted for 2 days. The steam from the iron scalded my hands, and it wasn't until half an hour later that I went crazy from the pain. Big sewing orders, big workload, saliva, water, liquids ran through me for 3 days in a row, I couldn't drink. So came another burden in the family. I got bronchitis when I finished 3 times on the floor, I already went to neurology. I haven't been to a doctor in 4 years. I told myself that they should all be right, that I was a hypochondriac, just that I didn't have SM. When I left MR, mine
the suspicion has only been confirmed. My health rapidly deteriorated so quickly that I remained totally disoriented, paralyzed 3-5 hours a day, all possible problems as a 100-year-old geriatric grandmother. After half a year as the first patient of the SM center in Prešov, I received an injection treatment with Betaferon. The side effects bothered me for 4 years until I switched to a new Copaxone treatment. I've been stabbing him for 7 years now. No help from the family, but strangers help me. Today I look healthy and happy, every day is a gift for me, whether with problems or
without them. The Slovak Sclerosis Multiplex Association is my family. I am now in the Vranov club SM Slnečnica. Abilympics, various events of the SM and SZSM club, reconditioning brought me back to life. I want to give other people hope with this diagnosis and not just with it. I call it I got out of hell. I myself did not believe that it was possible, because it is an incurable disease so far. Illness takes something from us, but sometimes it gives us so much more. And I live a beautiful life every day with Sclerosis Multiplex, because it will show us the true values of friends and the way


        I was 27 years old when I started to feel or be aware of the symptoms of this disease. It may have happened before, but who would deal with tingling in  hands or feet with  doctor ?? I was dealing, at a time when I was already suffering from and  it was harder for me, z  my hands were losing things, I had no pain, it was in  in 2007, I went to see a general practitioner and  she directed me to  neurologists. He did a neurological examination and  sent for magnetic resonance imaging of the lower spine, I came up with  which was negative. After a few years, I think he suspected SM, but he didn't say it and  I didn't even expect it in a dream, s  I did not come across this diagnosis either  relatives or acquaintances. He prescribed me some medicine and  that I have to check on me around  over the course of a month -two the condition really adjusted, so I was glad that the drugs took up and  I am in  of order.

Life went on, I worked, worked, played sports and  she cared about  family. However, two years passed and  again I had roughly the same symptoms, so I went to  neurologist, she confided in him with  recurring problems. I was sent on a brain scan with  negative result, the doctor prescribed me the same drugs and  within a month I was fit again.

        The following period was generally calm, sometimes I felt a torment and  tingling, but it was manageable and  within a week - two passed. Until December 2012.

It started to hurt me to burn my lower limbs, which I attributed to work from the beginning because I worked in  trade and  I stood on my feet for 10 hours. When I was in  rooms a  I didn't go, it was in  of order. This is how time went and  I thought I would see how  I will feel after the holidays, because I guess staying by the sea will solve it, I will relax and  I'll get together.

        However, to my unpleasant surprise, this was not the case, I even felt that my condition had worsened there, I could not travel a long distance and  I already knew it 's not normal in  my age.

After returning from  I came to the general practitioner on holiday, not only did I not be able to travel the longer route without problems, without pain, but my legs did not listen, I lost my balance, I stumbled.

I tried it in orthopedics, but no result, then vascular, in the meantime I went to massages ... it was necessary to go to work, in  at that time I also studied externally at the university and  I was getting exhausted and  desperate from  that I don't know what's going on with me and  I knew it must be a health problem.

It broke, of course, in  family a  my aunt recommended me an orthopedist in  Presov, examined me and  he sent me an X - ray, meanwhile he prescribed me some medicine and  prichal injection, p  as a result, i ran out of  two weeks, he didn't see anything special there, so he recommended me for magnetic resonance imaging. I have been waiting for the examination for more than a month and  my condition has not improved at all.

Finally, the day of the MR examination came, they had to look at the sacral spine, p  As a result, it was not clear to the radiologist what was there, something 12 mm in size, they suspected it was a tumor and  recommended that the whole spine resonate, it took another month, mentally I was no longer well, tests in  school, onslaught in  work ....

A few days before Christmas I had a deadline, it was found that it is not a tumor, but in  whole spine and  mainly cervical I have plaques that already merge and  there is a suspicion of SM, but they still need MR brain, they did it to me within two days and  recommended to the hospital for further examination.

        At Christmas I wanted to be home and  so I went to the hospital on December 30, where the doctor asked me where I was all that time, until I arrived in  twelve o'clock ??? I was very sorry that it took so long and  no one could advise me.

IN  the hospital gave me a lumbar puncture that confirmed the diagnosis. I lay there for 3 weeks and  from  the worst I've been out.

        3 years have passed since the diagnosis, I have a well-set up treatment that helps me. Occasionally, the condition worsens and  I need to go to the hospital for a treatment. I practice regularly because I am convinced that it helps tremendously. I don't run anymore, but it doesn't matter ... especially that I go and  I know about  take care of yourself. Although I am on a disability pension, I have also found a job in a sheltered workplace,  which best suits my state of health. I have accepted the disease as a part of my life, although it limits in  some activities, but I slowly get used to it, although sometimes I get angry when I can't function as I would like as a result of this disease.


My name is Zuzana Golitková and I am 35 years old .


       I am married for 12 years and the mother of two wonderful daughters, Bianka 10 and  Emky 6. These are my darlings helping me a lot. I live a normal life  now, though with a handicap but  it depends on the circumstances when and  how am i. I try not to succumb, but there is always the fear of what will be me as I can and  if I can do it at all. Until they found out  exactly what took me 3 years. Always in  December my leg started to hurt  until such a heavy right leg beating nothing annoying. Since I was from  the girls myself was afraid of what it was that was going on. The husband worked in  abroad  on the truck so everything always stayed on me.

      Such a common flu illness is possible. I was tired of tingling my heavy foot pretty badly. Well, after three days, nothing passed, so I went to the doctor. She didn't know what it could be. They took my blood and sent me for a foot ultrasound and  so on. It passed after a month but such a slight crush and  I still felt that kind of spring. Then nothing. It cut. It was a super beautiful summer preparing for school for my daughter Bianca  entered the 1st year. Everything was great if December did not come, and  that roundabout. Terrible. Everything from again. At first I thought I was cold that  I have it, but now it took longer to add a second leg and  k  I had it as if someone was moving them very stupid and  uncomfortable feeling. Well, if I ran all the things to the doctors, the doctor prescribed me Detralex. It will all be ok that they lived something. The best part was that I felt very bad and  wherever I was the results were great. Well, this is how I suffered until the summer. Yes, over time, it has eased, and  then passed. I didn't notice it that way anymore, I had a bunch of other responsibilities and  things I did.

      Life went as it should. Meanwhile, the cornflower has started to hurt enough  the team ran. Gastro me from  nothing came wrong I couldn't eat I always had such an urge to vomit. At the gastronomy, the doctor did not understand because what the examinations did to me was all well and  then a helicobacter is detected. It was added that he could do such a scarap that I can't even imagine. So I was treated for it too. I thought there would be peace with  by the way, but not for long. Over time, my difficulties returned, I could not eat the doctor desperate, I even more because I needed to work with children. Well, December came, but I was busy with  gastrom. I really enjoyed it. Something was crying to me every year. Interestingly, I began to have difficulty for two weeks after two or three weeks of rest, and  the cycle again.

      We lived in  Bardejov a  at christmas every year we went to  parents to Spišská Nová Ves. Everything was great. I didn't even remember having anything from  feet a  which was two years before that. Pohoda. The hem was always sick to my stomach. IN  The day of Christmas night was so cold on my feet I couldn't stand it. But then by morning I somehow managed. Everything was great. The next morning I woke up that my right leg hurt all over  hip thigh along the entire length from top to knee. The other day, the other side. I attributed it to the fact that I probably slept badly. I didn't solve anything. I enjoyed everything, but especially moments from  husband who arrived after eleven weeks. That's what we've always been talking about, we're finally a complete family. Since we've lived so far we haven't always been with  everyone met and  The Christmas holidays were so real. So what  began  New Year's Eve. It started when I started to realize that I didn't feel certain parts of my body from the waist down. But somehow I didn't bother with it because of  nothing nothing started such fun funny people but we had a lot of fun. It was the most amazing New Year's Eve. I thought it was from  colds and  that is all. Well the second morning was already a cruel new year I started with  by the fact that I didn't feel anything from half my waist down, feeling heavy legs, tingling and  up to such a contracted body, it's like you  someone put in a corset and  pulled hard.

     It was horrible. I was afraid to go to the doctor, but then in  half of January already when it wasn't going through it was terrible so I went to neurology. That's what I thought he would look at and give me some pills and  I'm going home. At that time, my older daughter Bianka went with me. We cried all the way to my kindergarten and we went to my second daughter. Hospital verdict. I run there all two or two people not waiting for deadlines the doctor tells me it will be the best.  That if she said I would have to go to bed it was terrible. I'll still survive the doctor, but not the hospital. But since I was already desperate and  they didn't even know in neurology what I was  then she agreed. I was afraid of what the girls did. Enough husband was gone and  me yet. They tolerated it quite badly. The husband was enjoying a vacation in  work but they did have problems I sent papers that I was going to the hospital and  so. They behaved very densely when I talked to the girl who told me what kind of person she was.

      Hm ......  On the ninth of February, I entered the hospital with  by staying there no later than Wednesday and  I'm going home. After all, if they haven't found out anything for me so far, it won't be so bad. I found out there before they were released after five days. She started going to various examinations as needed. IN  on Wednesday I had a magnetic and  so i believed they would wise and  they'll say I can go home. IN  On Wednesday came the primary and  we made him go home that I was packed and  so I was kidding. Then he told me that unfortunately I'm not going anywhere, the magnetic showed me some spots on my brain and  I will have to undergo a lumbarca. I have to decide, because I can't be pushed or ordered to do so, it's a voluntary decision. Then my eyes were left to cry. LUMBALKA. I was very scared to hear about  By the cruel pain of the kicking people holding you you must not move if you get stuck badly you stay in a wheelchair. Of course, I immediately refused. I was determined in  that morning. I had a well-known nurse, I told her what was going on, then there were more nurses and  finally the primary. At that time, I explained to them my knowledge of  lumbalke. They told me the hem of God Zuzka one grandmother said. The primary asked me one thing: whether I gave birth, and  I said yes twice. So he told me it was better than childbirth. But that's when I started laughing. After explaining a  I agreed to such a pleasant conversation and  I set out on that. IN  the next day they came to make me a lumbarka. At first I was scared because there were a lot of people. The primary was golden as he arrived he started to be funny that he realized that you came here like a snake you crawled to the primary  I'm in the mood to go for it. They made me a lumbar and  can survive. It's not like  I heard it and I was told. Who wasn't really shouldn't be afraid. These are all hem rumors that can be endured. I was released from  hospital in  Monday as it should be. The best part was that I wanted to go first home and  I went last. After the lumbar, I had a bad headache, I was afraid that I would be crushed. My husband was home then.

       Everything was on it, we just swapped roles. Well he girl in  households and  and couch. That's when the hat down took care of  everything . Navaril, fought, fought, learned, went shopping everything. He was golden, but he still had no choice. I've always done it and  it was taken normally. But he managed it. I claim that nowhere is it written that a woman should do everything herself. I think there are two for everything.   J  Then the head receded, I could walk without pain, but there were such pressures. After a while I started to have a vision problem, I saw at twenty meters completely blurred, I needed help if I wanted to go somewhere. It was terrible because what I heard are other symptoms of multiple sclerosis loss of vision. The fact Husband was a great support to me, he always said that it would be good for me, nothing is healthy, and  what I have on my brain is the one from the dental  paste. He always wanted to scare him like that. Day D a has arrived  he had to get to work very scared not so  myself, but o  the girls. I was afraid that if something happened to me again. But Lord God loves us always standing by us. After some time again, the digestive problems of the doctor began to despair. I started taking some pills and  after a good time. My neurologist equipped me with everything that concerned me and  I went to the exams where she sent me. I'm about  she didn't care. Like a really hat down golden woman. Thank you very much. I started going to the SM center in Prešov. I had to wait for treatment so I thought I was done. But the reality was different. FROM  nothing I went at once slashed me and blocked me  I didn't take a step.  It was terrible because I was afraid it would happen to me in the passage. This took two months. IN  In May 2015, I started treatment. If we came from  my husband told me that what like, a  if the doctor said that I would prick every day I cried that I didn't want such treatment, but if they explained to me where to change the punctures everywhere and  they said belly so i turned around and  she wanted to go away. My husband stopped me and  said in  by no means. You will be here.

        I swallowed everything daily, but as they told me the belly was over. At that time, I had to poke the instructions really on my own that I understood and  how will I tolerate the substance. I stabbed myself in the stomach. The nurse laughed that I was so scared and  to the abdomen. Well, yes, if something like that is with me. Come on in  May I started with  treatment. I had regular check-ups every three months. Whenever I came so there were patients so we talked about who came up with what symptoms he had and  so on. If I was talking about mine as I was sick, the patients had it  but not for once like me. That's when I thought I had picked up everything. We once sat in  I was talking from the waiting room  one girl so her hem roared in  head, a  I described to her what I had and  suddenly the door opened and  such an older man came out and  he walked like I did when she blocked me  I went to her like that. Then she tapped her on the head and  she said ... God let the hem buzz. A  we laughed. The year has passed. The mutilation of such a move gradually gave way to seeing super, I do not deal with gastronomy, as sometimes I find it so strange, but it is possible. After a year, I went for treatment three times a week, but I started to have back heavier legs I'm tired. Well, I was on Magnetic Resonance Imaging  there came out lesions on my spine. I don't know what will happen next, but I do. I believe everything is excellent  I will run out of  girls play tennis, skate with  them, bike, swim everything we did to  now.

         IN  In the summer I had the opportunity to go see Vranov Nad Topľou among the people who s  they have been living with this disease for years . Although I was with  two times I can still say hearty, nice, funny people which  know o  their medical condition they have learned with  live with him  but they are human and  they are especially grateful for everything. A  I would especially like to thank Renáta Gogová, she pulled me there. I believe that all this will turn out great, I enjoy every day from  I am grateful to my family for having her, and  those people around me who don't want me make bad wishes especially good health, understanding and  to find them.  J

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