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       The club brings together people diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis  from  district of Vranov nad Topľou, but also from Svidník, Stropkov, Spišská Nová Ves, Snina and Prešov, which meet in the Club SM Slnečnica and can thus help each other, support and share their problems and worries. These patients no longer fight the disease themselves and are dependent on the care of family members, doctors, rehabilitation workers and other people.


      At the beginning we started to meet the local pizzeria in the square in smaller numbers. Gradually, we grew in such a way that we did in different ways  they got to the magazine Nádej, where there was a contact with Mrs. Jarmila Fajnorov. Just call, ask and  to arrive at the agreed time. This is how we met for fourteen years. Then we agreed that we would establish a Club as it is in other cities.

      The first inaugural meeting of the OZ Club Sclerosis Multiplex Vranov nad Topľou at SZSM was
29/06/2011 at SOŠ Papierenský in Vranov nad Topľou. We chose Ms. Maria Ivančová as the club president. The then chairman of the SZSM, Mr. Milan Surgoš and about 4 members of the association. Soon the city provided us with a club meeting room in the city's House of Culture. We also share the room with other organizations.

     We have a divided who meets there and when. We have a designated second and fourth week of the month, always on Fridays from 2 pm to 6 pm.


     On the third Thursday of the month, we have creative workshops again. So they determined it for us at the beginning and it still applies today. In May 2003, we organized Step with SM for the first time. Only we and our family members were there. We had this event at the then paper school, where we played sports within our means.


     Until August 20, 2003, Ms. Mária Ivančová was the chairwoman of the SM Vranov nad Topľou Club at SZSM. On August 20, Ms. Jarmila Fajnorová became the chairwoman. At the beginning of May 2004, we received very sad news, when our member and friend Peter Vaľovčin was the first of us to leave us at the age of 31. In the same month, we took to the streets of Vranov nad Topľou for the first time as part of the nationwide club event Krok s SM.
     In October, we started organizing Benefit Concerts entitled “Gratitude is Memory
The first concert was a great success and thanks to them we as a club got quite visible in the area. There were a total of 5 concerts. As the membership base increased and the health status increased
deteriorating, we had to give up concerts. There is a lot of work with organizing the concert and also
with ticket sales.
     Since September 17, 2004, we have been a Civic Association (full legal personality) under the name
Club Sclerosis Multiplex Slnečnica Vranov nad Topľou.

       In June 2005, we organized the 1st year of the Abilimpiáda Vranov nad Topľou at SOŠP.

It was attended by 24 competitors. There were also volunteers who helped us with everything.
The sponsor was SZSM, but accommodation, transport and food were paid for by the participants themselves.


The sponsor of the 2nd year of the Abranimpiada Vranov nad Topľou (2006) was the company Schering, which covered all costs associated with the Abilimpiada. 50 competitors took part in this 2nd year. 4th year of the abilimpiad
already under the name Abilimpiáda SZSM 2007.

      Since 2009, the abilimpiáda has moved to Zemplínská Šírava to Hotel Chemes as
many more contestants have already entered. Since then, the abilimpiada is always held there and members
our club participate in it.


      In 2012, this Abilimpiada became international. It is attended by members from the Czech Republic, Poland,
Hungary, Serbia and Norway. Until September 14, 2007, the chairwoman of OZ Klub Sclerosis Mutiplex Slnečnica Vranov nad Topľou was Mrs. Jarmila Fajnorová. However, she was elected chairman in September of the same year
SZSM- now President, which we are very proud of. She tried to make our trademarks visible, now she is trying
is making it visible at international level and is doing very well.

      On September 14, 2007, the third chairwoman of OZ Klub SM Slnečnica Vranov nad Topľou was elected, namely Valéria Sivuličová. She is the president to this day. We have a lot of activities in the club throughout the year. In January it is a festive welcome of the year, in February we celebrate Valentine's Day, in March MDŽ, in May we celebrate Mother's Day and
we organize Krok s SM- Day Sunflowers- public collection. In the past, this collection was also combined
with the cultural program, but we have given up on this in recent years. In June we celebrate the Day
Fathers and we participate in the abilimpiad.

     In July, we will get used to taking part in the pilgrimage to Mariánská hora again. In August, the toaster has been a 15-year tradition
associated with hippotherapy in the Zámutov Forest. In the beginning, it was just a toaster, over time
we also added hippotherapy and sports games. This club activity is a great success and we are all looking forward to it during the year. We also invite members of other clubs to this event, and this year we even had a sales representative of a medical company dealing with medical devices. In October, we commemorate the month of respect for the elderly.


     During the year we have various discussions with doctors, medical companies and the like.
We also visit lying members of the household and in the hospital, we participate in various exhibitions and cultural events. We participate in events organized by SZSM, every year we participate in reconditioning stays, sometimes once, sometimes twice a year , depending on the financial situation.
We will close the events at the club with the ceremonial end of the year.

     In 2015, she was elected chairwoman of OZ Klub SM Slnečnica for the third term
p. Valéria Sivuličová. We now have 29 members in the club , including 6 family members.


Our members are not from the district of Vranov nad Topľou, but also from Svidník, Stropkov, Spišská Nová Ves, Snina and Prešov.

I tried to describe the club from the beginning to the present, I hope I succeeded.

However, I must not forget to thank our sponsors sincerely, without whom we would not be able to carry out all our events.


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