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Klub Sclerosis Multiplex Vranov nad Topľou

       Multiple Sclerosis (SM) is a severe demyelinating disease of the central nervous system
system, which is still incurable and affects people mainly at a young age. Often can
this condition will result in wheelchair dependency. It is the moral duty of every human being to
take care of your health. Civic association called Klub Sclerosis Multiplex Slnečnica
in Vranov nad Topľou / hereinafter referred to as the SM Slnečnica Club / was established to help people with diagnoses
MS to support and encourage those patients who resist MS and to alleviate suffering
those who are already fighting non-government and are dependent on the care of family members, doctors,
rehabilitation workers and other people.

       DEFINITION OF SCLEROSIS MULTIPLEX (multiple sclerosis) is a disease of the white
mass of the central nervous system. The disease process causes damage to the myelin sheaths
nerve fibers, so-called demyelination, which is accompanied by an inflammatory reaction. Myelin is used for
accelerating the transmission of information by nerve fibers between the brain, spinal cord and other parts
tela. When myelin is damaged, the information is slower or incorrect. Damaged
areas of the tissue are called plaques or lesions. It is a treatable but specific cure to cure today
we don't know.



  • It mainly affects people in the productive age of 20-40 years.

  • It affects women twice as often as men,

  • Smokers suffer from this disease twice as often as non-smokers

  • it is not hereditary, but the information is preserved in the genes

  • There are more than 8,400 people with multiple sclerosis in Slovakia.

  • almost 10% of patients are under 18 years of age


We do not know the exact cause. Multifactorial etiology is assumed: autoimmune processes are assumed
It is believed that MS belongs to the group of autoimmune diseases, ie those that the body causes
by the fact that his immune system fights his own tissues and damages them.

Genetics - Scientists believe that a tendency to the disease is caused by a certain type of gene, as
some nations have a lower incidence of the disease among their populations.

Viruses - suspected are caused mainly by viruses, which also cause other diseases affecting the nerve
system, such as herpes or measles. In animals, viruses have been shown to cause similar diseases
multiple sclerosis.


Multiple sclerosis is a serious chronic neurological disease that damages myelin
nerve, brain and spinal cord envelopes. Myelin sheaths have the ability to transmit nerve impulses. At
demyelination- damage- slows down, resp. leadership arrest and thus to neurological



depending on the site of demyelination of the nervous system disease: blurred vision up
blindness, fatigue, unsteady gait and standing, limb twitching, weakness in the legs, hands, painful muscles
spasms, sexual disorders, memory disorders, concentration, mental symptoms, pain including
trigeminal neuralgia, bladder disorders, intestinal disorders, epileptic seizures, routes
speech disorder, swallowing disorder.


ACUTE FORM: Marburg type.

RELAPS - REMITTING: attack-type worsening stage of disease improvement.


SECONDARY CHRONIC - PROGRESSIVE FORM: the attacking form goes into a progressive

CHRONIC PROGRESSIVE FORM WITH RELAPSAMS: gradual deterioration with occasional
impact deterioration.

SCLEROSIS MULTIPLEX An incurable disease of the central nervous system.


SCLEROSIS MULTIPLEX is the main cause of non-traumatic disability of young people. Forecast
uncertain, we also record benign forms with 1-2 attacks in a lifetime. 80% of patients have attack-remitting
form. 50% of them have the development of a secondary progressive form with a permanent neurological deficit in
over a period of 8-15 years. After 10 years of the disease, only 20-30% of patients are employed.



  • corticoids

  • immunosuppressive agents

  • Beta interferons Betaferon - Avonex, Rebif but also rehabilitation, spa treatment and reconditioning stays,

  • which are very important for mental well-being at SCLEROSIS MULTIPEX


The symbol of people with Multiple Sclerosis SM is the sunflower . Useful sunflower kernels pose
individuals, because everyone is unique in their fight against the insidious disease. Sunflower leaves
they resemble groupings in clubs and the whole flower is represented by the Slovak Multiple Sclerosis Association. So
all members of the association together. Stem, this is a healthy population that people with MS can rely on
the leaves on the stems show the helping hands. Closed, folded heads of night sunflowers
they mean problems coming with SM. Every morning the sunflower turns head after sun, goes out
new hope, as do patients with a severe diagnosis of MS. So that the sunflower has a lot of useful seeds,
it needs quality soil and good care. In order for her to grow tall, her stalk must be firm,
it must be its support. So people with SM need support, they need YOU!


A word at the end

Multiple sclerosis is an incurable disease even today. A drug that would completely cure her
we don't know yet. We can treat attack, worsening, individual symptoms. In cooperation with experts from
many medical fields, especially neurologists, the implementation of the latest medical knowledge
In practice, most patients with multiple sclerosis identify with the disease and are able to live
relatively full life. He can expect fewer attacks, milder progression and improvement
existing disability.

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