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23.03 2018  Art therapy

Eva Hruscova, who won the Young Talent 2017 award in the Lecturer of the Year competition, today led a training focused on self-knowledge with elements of ARTETHERAPY and imagination for Club members.  Sunflower. Even so, the members of the club spend time together.


       Public  collection, by distributing brochures and information materials on multiple sclerosis in Vranov nad Topľou and its surroundings  passers-by will be  decorate with small sunflowers,  which in 2002 became a symbol of SZSM - members of SZSM - and today they are a symbol of all people with multiple sclerosis in Slovakia.


      Right now  sunflower  it contains several symbols typical of people with multiple sclerosis  -  useful sunflower kernels  represent individuals because everyone is unique in their fight against the insidious disease,  tickets  sunflowers resemble groupings in clubs and the whole  flower  represents the Slovak Multiple Sclerosis Association, ie all members of the association together.  Stem  is a healthy population that people with MS need to rely on and  leaves on  stems  show helping hands.


        Closed, folded heads of night sunflowers mean problems coming with SM. Every morning, the sunflower turns head after sun, reaching for new hope, just like patients with a serious diagnosis of MS. In order for a sunflower to have many useful seeds, it needs quality soil and good care. In order for her to grow pretty tall, her stem must be strong, she must be her support.  


So people with multiple sclerosis need support - they need YOU!

          So that we can walk life like an open sunflower that stands on a solid tall stem strewn with lots of leaves that give it enough support to keep it from breaking when the wind blows.


                             Become our letters too !!!

Podujatia SM Slnečnica
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